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A Dog's View Training
Affordable, in-home training from an accredited instructor.
We teach obedience, problem solving, tricks, aggression, and Canine Good Citizen preparation and testing.

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 Do you want a dog 
->Who pays attention
->Comes the first time you call him
->Walks politely so you both can enjoy a walk
->Sits politely at the door, rather than charging 
and barking at guests every time the doorbell rings
-> Lies nicely on his bed or goes to his crate when you tell him to. 
->Sits politely so people can pet him.
                                             ->Do you just want to take back your home?

For all that and more we can help!

Private in-home training that's affordable
Your dog lives in your home so it benefits you both that he listen to you in your home. A Dog's View trains you to understand your dog in the comfort of your own living room. You also get the benefit of 1-on-1 training so the focus is only on you and your dog, not half a dozen other students. 

A Dog's View believes that all dogs deserve a chance. 80% of dogs in shelters have had no formal training. Their owners gave up on them before they even tried. Of those dogs in shelters, half will die there. This is a tragedy. 
Dogs should not suffer because classes were priced out of reach. A Dog's View is affordable so that everyone can benefit from the training. Cost is only $400 for the entire 2-month program, with financing and discounts available. 
Discounts will be provided for the following:
*Multi-dog discounts
*Military discounts
*Senior discounts 
*Rescue dogs

dog training and behavior modification
Training Classes

Beginner classes will teach your dog to behave in your home and give her the base to be a polite, well-mannered dog. The first four classes will be spent building the foundation so that she understands basic commands in and around your home. The last four classes will be spent around the neighborhood so that your dog learns to listen outside the home and with minimal distractions. Dogs specialize, they do not generalize. What this means is that if a dog learns to lie down inside your kitchen, she may not realize that she has to lie down in your bedroom as well. Your dog should obey you anywhere and the Beginner class will give her the foundation to do that.

Once your dog understands the basics, he'll be ready to tackle more challenging situations. The Beginner class teaches him to sit and stay inside your home, the Intermediate will teach him to sit and stay out in public. Training will take place outside the home; in parks, town squares and playgrounds so that your dog learns to listen to you with real world distractions. 

Your dog is smart enough to listen to you at home and out in public, but how is he with commotion? Will your dog ignore dogs who are playing? Will your dog listen to you at a dog park? Will your dog drop everything and come to you when you call him? The advanced class will turn your Marley into a Lassie. Your dog will learn to listen to you at a dog park, on a hiking trail, wherever you are.

On the final class of all levels a final exam will be given. Completion of the exam will provide your dog with certification as proof that she passed the course. 

Problem Behaviors
A Dog's View also offers Behavioral Modification for problem behaviors in your dog. You'll learn how to housebreak your dog, how to handle your aggressive dog, how to silence your barking dog, and anything else we can do to make your dog a happy, healthy member of your family. 

Therapy Dogs
It has been shown that therapy dogs can lower blood pressure, reduce patient anxiety, increase endorphins and oxytocin, and lower levels of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine (these can affect depression and anxiety, heart rate and other important bodily functions if allowed to get too high). Therapy animals will entertain, show affection and bring happiness to people of all ages.
A Dog's View training offers a strict program of training, socialization and handling. After the course your dog will have to pass a test to prove that he's got what it takes to be a therapy dog. 
Completion of the exam will provide your dog with certification and a personalized vest. 
Note: This vest is for certified therapy dogs only. It is unethical and illegal to try to pass a therapy dog for a service dog. A Dog's View Training does not train service dogs. For more information on service dogs please contact the ADA.

A Dog's View's training philosophy is that dogs are sentient beings who deserve a fair shot. Science is always uncovering things about a mammal's mind that have before been hidden to us. We are constantly learning more about the emotions of dogs and their cognitive abilities. 
A Dog's View Training was created to offer you high quality training at a reasonable price so that both you and your dog get what you deserve: a happy, healthy relationship.
This is why our training is based only on the latest in biological and cognitive ethology.  As such, training is humane and positive.
Do punitive methods work to train your dog? Yes. Of course they do, otherwise people wouldn't employ them. Does that make it right? By no means. Always trust your own instinct. Punitive methods of training will damage your relationship with your dog, which is heartbreaking when you consider that you are the only one in the world that they can trust.
At a Dog's View we recognize that all dogs are different and that every home has different wants and needs for their dogs. We customize training to fit your specific needs and your individual dog's personality.
A Dog's View believes that you cannot truly appreciate your dog until you understand him, how his mind works and why he behaves as he does. It is for this reason that the focus is put on you, you must be the one to train and maintain your dog.  A Dog's View gives you the skills you need to be able to handle any situation.
A Dog's View Training is for animals only. Sorry, but A Dog's View will not train children, spouses, in-laws, neighbors, bosses or coworkers. Much apologies.   

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With experts in Atlanta, Dallas, and Powder Springs, Georgia.
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A Dog's View Training is accredited, certified training dedicated to bringing you the latest in canine ethology and recognized by the following:

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